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ADN-350 Darling. Please Forgive Me… A Widower is Blues. No. 6. Kana Kusakabe is a married woman. Because of her beautiful body, Kusakabe Kana is always noticed by other men. However, Kusakabe Kana's husband is engrossed in work so he doesn't pay much attention to Kusakabe Kana. One day a strange guy appeared, in fact he had been following Kusakabe Kana for a long time, he was fascinated by Kusakabe Kana because she was really so delicious. He claimed to be an insurance salesman and with words that were like honey pouring into his ears, he quickly seduced Kusakabe Kana. What will the innocent Kusakabe Kana face next, and whether the real Kusakabe Kana is as innocent as we think? Please join us and follow along.

ADN-350 The crooked insurance salesman and the unlucky girl
 Movie Code: ADN-350 
 Actor: Kusakabe Kana