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Lily Jordan and Charity Crawford are a couple who live together in a luxury apartment. When you go to work, you don't save money but spend it wastefully. At the end of the month, you don't have money to pay rent. The homeowner came by the house many times to remind them, but both girls hid in the house and refused to open the door. I was so angry that this time the landlord lurked outside to see what the two girls were doing in the house and discovered that the two girls were preparing to play a little game together, which was extremely attractive. So the landlord immediately thought of a way to rush into the house and force the two girls to pay the rent immediately or they would be kicked out of the house. Afraid of being kicked out of the house, the two of them had to do as the perverted landlord told them. This series is extremely good and for those who like the genre of lessbian or not, watching each other can be fun, Lily Jordan is extremely cute, wonderful sun :D.

[Europe Vietsub] Sex with two lustful lesbians
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