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SSIS-050 Fucking the boss's wife for three days while the boss is on a business trip ~ Rara Anzai My boss is very good at his job and has an extremely beautiful wife but he still cheats. My boss often invites me to his house so his wife doesn't find out when he goes out and uses me as a shield for him. This time my boss had to go on a business trip for three days. I received a text message from his wife to come to his house to talk. It turned out she knew about his affair and wanted to drink with me. After drinking a little she seemed drunk so I tried to take her back to her room. As soon as she reached the bed, she suddenly kissed me. Her J-cup breasts and seductive body are irresistible to me. I could no longer maintain my reason, I rushed to devour her, making love to my boss's wife for three days when my boss was on a business trip...

SSIS-050 Three days of sleeping with the boss's wife
 Movie Code: SSIS-050 
 Actor: Rara Anzai