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JUL-264 I Left My Dad (Who Loves Women) And My Pushover Wife At Home. And Went On A 3-Day. 2-Night Business Trip... Erina Oka is a beautiful woman. Because she works hard at exercising, she has an extremely hot body with an extremely round, round butt. She was married and living with her father-in-law. This father was famous for being an extremely lady-killing playboy when he was young, so when Erina became his daughter-in-law, he was extremely hungry and wanted to fuck Erina. So he prepared an extremely perfect plan to lure her into his sexual trap. Let's see if this delicious Erina can overcome this challenge.

JUL-264 The bankrupt company sold his wife to creditors because he had no money to pay
 Movie Code: JUL-264 
 Actor: Oka Erina