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Yui and Ueda are co-workers and have been in love for a while. Ueda wanted to marry her but Yui refused. Her reason is that she wants to focus on work and does not want to be bound by family. Ueda couldn't accept it and broke up with Yui. Some time later, Ueda got married, his wife was also their colleague. The wife agreed to quit her job and stay home to be a housewife. Seeing her ex-boyfriend happy made Yui jealous. She decided to seduce Ueda as much as possible. She assigns a lot of work, causing Ueda to work overtime. Taking that opportunity, Yui approached him, and just like that made Ueda unable to control himself anymore. He rushed to fuck Yui furiously. The following days, while at work, Yui secretly called Ueda to an empty room and forced him to satisfy her sexual desires. Unfortunately, Sakuragi discovered it and took a photo. He forced Yui to let him fuck her, otherwise he would send this picture to his superiors. But because he knew he was about to be fired, Sakuragi didn't keep his word. He still sends photos to the president. As a result, Ueda was fired for adultery, his wife also asked for a divorce, Sakuragi was also fired, but Yui was still able to work normally. Why? Because that is the "benefit" of being a woman. She just needed to use her body to bribe the president...

Refused to get married, then regretted it, and went back to soliciting sex from her ex-lover
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