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After arguing with her erectile dysfunction boyfriend, Yu Shinoda decided to leave that house, but as soon as she entered the elevator, a major incident occurred that left Shinoda trapped inside the same room. strange man. Both were extremely worried and tried everything to call for help, but to no avail, they had to sit and lean against each other and wait. Once again the incident happened and this time a natural reflex made them hug each other, her chubby breasts and body made the man reveal his lustful nature. Two people full of desire have found each other and the strange man's cock will help her fill her desires. After getting out of the elevator, they both returned to his house, where they had a lot of fun making love to each other. Shinoda realized that she had fallen in love with the healthy guy with the big cock in the elevator. She would forget her bad boyfriend and start a new love affair with someone who could help her reach orgasm many times. .

MIAA-086 Elevator of destiny
 Movie Code: MIAA-086 
 Actor: Yu Shinoda