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Mino and Sakura are collaborators. During the party, Sakura was very drunk and fell asleep. Mino saw that and immediately took Sakura home and fed her. Sakura was touched by Mino's kindness. He continuously admitted to Mino. At first Mino didn't want to, but because of Sakura's feelings, Mino agreed. Sakura's parents also wanted the two of them to get married soon and have children, so Mino agreed to get married soon and stay home to give birth to her husband's children. There is no suggestion that the two directors have been following Mino for a long time. As soon as she wanted to be interviewed, he saw her and put her in the secretary position to gently introduce Mino to her. But before she could "prepare" anything, she was ready to get married. “But wouldn't it be more interesting to marry someone else?” So he took Sakura to work and then took advantage of the failed relationship and accumulated debt. And she used the debt to make Mino her “mistress”, instead she would repay her husband's debt. At first Mino agreed just because she wanted to save her husband.

The husband works in the room and the wife goes outside to secretly chat with the boss
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 Actor: Suzume Mino